About the Band

The term "Island Time" refers to the time vacuum created by the presence of the ocean.  In the same way, we hope the gentle sounds of the Island Time Steel Band transport you to your own magical place while listening to our groove centric Steel Melodies.

The Island Time Steel Band was created through the friendship of Gregg Charest (Steel Pan), and Kyle Forsthoff (Percussion).  Gregg was looking for a new musical project, and since Kyle had conducted the Steel Band at Arizona State University, a Steel Band seemed like a natural choice!  Gregg and Kyle are the two permanent members of the group with various friends and colleagues fill out the woodwind, guitar, and bass parts.

Gregg lives on the Island of Jamestown, RI, where he spends time away from his mainland job as a 7-12 music teacher and band director.  Steel Pan is his obsession, and Gregg enjoys both playing, writing and arranging music for the pans.  Gregg performs on Double Tenor Steel Pan, playing with a rare (for Pan) 4 mallet grip to enable speed and chordal playing.

Kyle lives in Richmond, RI, and in the Island Time Steel Band he performs on a multitude of hand percussion instruments.  You'll see him sitting on top of his Cajon while playing Conga drums, reach for his Pandeiro (a Brazilian Tambourine) while playing cowbells and woodblocks with his feet!